Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life on the Kibbutz

Well I'm not actually sure of what life on the kibbutz is like far its pretty boring.

This morning I woke early and went to the Tel-Aviv bus station and caught a bus to Yokneam (יקנעם.) It was my first time riding a bus alone, let alone a regional bus! Anyway the ride was pretty boring. I quite frankly was so bored by the scenery that I fell asleep. When I reached Yokneam I called the volunteer coordinator at Ein Hashofet and he came to pick me up. After about a half hour of rules and what not they basically told me to go hangout for the day. No work today because I'm new.

The kibbutz is very modern. Along with my keys, work cloths, and sheets they issued me a swipe card. No money is used on the kibbutz. Its all done on a credit based system. The volunteers are given 400 NIS to use in the dining hall. The prices in the dining hall are so low its almost funny that they charge. My large plate of cous cous, chickpeas, schnitzel, bread and jello was only 2.50 NIS. Crazy to think because that meal in Tel-Aviv was probably 25-30 NIS! There is a small market here and the only way to purchase anything is with the swipe card. However, the money to buy from the market must come from me. You deposit a certain number of shekels and then you spend. There is also a pub here but its only open on Tuesday and Friday nights. The pub requires a third system of payment called a pub card. I was only told this after I had already deposited my last 100 NIS into the market account. I guess I'll have to go to Yokneam and get more money if I want to go to the pub.

The people here are very different from Tel-Aviv. First of all I haven't met a single Israeli yet. That is not including the ones who work with the volunteers. I am the only volunteer from America and most of the others are from Mexico. I never knew there was a significant Jewish population in Mexico City. After a large group of Mexicans there are a few from South Africa, Ecuador, and Russia. The ulpan group has a handful of Americans and they've been helpful in showing me around. I'll post up some pictures as soon as I have a chance to take some.


Phyllis Sommer said...

you *definitely* need a pub card!:-) how's your coming along!? sounds like it will be a very cool experience. can't wait to see pics.

John Sklar said...

Likewise, I can not wait to see the pictures. Sounds like an interesting life for the next few weeks.

KC said...

Harry look for a new arrival from Kansas City on Monday. His name is Daniel and he is going to be 19 in December.

Daniel's Dad