Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Weekend...In my favorite place...ירושלים

So on Thursday night I got a random phone call from my friend Suzy. "HARRY! (Suzy has no inside voice.) YOU MUST COME SEE ME IN JERUSALEM!" Well after a few hours of frantic searching for a place to sleep in Jerusalem I came up empty handed. It was sad...but I decided not to let that deter me in any way. I then received another phone call from Suzy. "HARRY! (She still hasn't developed an inside voice.) BRETT IS COMING TO JERUSALEM! STAY WITH HIM!" That is exactly what I did.

The bus ride from Be'er Sheva to Israel is actually quiet interesting. You get to watch the country side gradually turn from desert scrub into lush green and from flat hills and sand dunes into the Judean Hills. Its quite incredible. Unfortunately my camera was out of batteries so there were no pictures taken this weekend. Never fear...this will not be my last trip to Jerusalem.

Upon arriving at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem I heard the Shofar sound telling me it was Shabbat. It also told me that the whole city (minus the non-kosher restaurants) was closed. So I called Brett and we met up to hop a cab to his friend Eugene's apartment. We hung out and discussed what was going on in our lives. For me that is basically class and not much else. For Brett and his friend Zach that was the Army. There's really nothing else to talk about. We ordered dinner (hamburgers) and went off to hangout at the bars in Jerusalem. We ended up at Egon and finally got to hang out with Suzy! Good times were had and a chill evening followed.

Brett and I crashed at his friend Zach's apartment and didn't wake up until around noon. We got up and made delicious pasta for lunch and watched the movie "Shooter." The movie is actually a pretty good one...very accurate and also very scary. Conspiracy movies always scare me more than most other people.

I ended up catching a 7:00pm bus back to Be'er Sheva which got me in 5 minutes before the last bus to Revivim. All in all a good weekend. Very relaxing and very nice to see some friends and be in Jerusalem.

Till next time...

P.S. No pictures from Jerusalem, but finally the last of my Ein Hashofet Pictures and some other new ones. Check them out!


Phyllis Sommer said...

woo hoo, jerusalem! sounds like a great trip:-) go see my post, i updated it to include you, okay!?

Phyllis Sommer said...

btw, did you know you can have an rss feed of your blog to your facebook account -- no need to "import" the posts. go see my profile to see the application.

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