Sunday, December 16, 2007

להיתרות עין השופת (Goodbye Ein Hasofet)

Well its time to say goodbye to Ein Hashofet (עין השופת). Its been a wonderful place to get acclimated to this country, but its time for me to be moving on.

For those of you on Facebook, and I apologize to the rest of you, my counter is nearing the zero mark as my Ulpan starts on Sunday December 16th. I have mixed emotions about leaving this place. First I love the people here. Not necessarily the Kibbutznikim, but the Ulpanists and other volunteers are great people. However, I do not like the way the Kibbutz has been treating us. Why have a volunteer program if you're going to constantly look down on us. I guess that its just the way it is.

The last few days at Ein Hashofet were basically a blur. The last two days of work were both half days. Thursday because of a Druze/Muslim holiday called Chag haChorban. It is essentially a holiday commemorating the Akkada or binding of Issac in the Torah. However, their celebration was a gigantic barbecue. Almost 70% of Mivrag's employees are Druze which meant the factory shut down early. It was amazing food, good music, and an interesting cultural experience. My last day of work was a Friday. Normally a half day, this day was my last of work and also the last day of two Mexican girls: Karina and Nicole. We didn't have a party because there was too much work to be done. However, they did give us all presents...a coaster set and a beautiful key chain. Both were labeled with the Mivrag logo. Nice people working in the factory, but I'm quite glad that portion of my life is over now.

The last night I spent at Ein Hashofet was another Barbecue. This one was put on by the Ulpanists in honor of the Volunteers who were leaving. It was a great party and there will be pictures soon on my Google Web Albums. Basically what I can tell you is that Brazilians know how to make a barbecue. After the party wound down there were more festivities. The Mexican girls and I stayed up until 7:30 AM when we all caught a cab to Yoknam and a bus to Tel Aviv. From there we parted ways...they went to Istanbul for 5 days and I hopped the train to Be'er Sheva. Time for Ulpan.

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Phyllis Sommer said...

woo hoo! burned meat to celebrate the sacrifice! i'm sure that's a religious observance you can get behind (ha ha)....

glad to see you're onward and upwards. can't wait to hear the next phase....