Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sorry for the lateness...

Sorry that this post has taken so long to get off to all of you. Over the last week the internet connection here has been iffy at best. Here goes...

Here I am...Starting the next phase of my Adventure/Journey. As I write this post I'm sitting in the Ulpan/Volunteer Moadon (מועדון) of Kibbutz Revivm (קיבוץ רביבים). This is a completely different and new place. It is nothing like Ein Hashofet and I'll be explaining why over the next few posts.

To begin with this Kibbutz seems to be less organized that Ein Hashofet was. A prime example of this is the laundry. At Ein Hashofet the laundry went out Tuesday morning and came back Tuesday afternoon. Here the laundry goes in whenever you feel like and comes back whenever they feel like doing that particular type of laundry. Another example of the organization here is the work schedule. Every day we must check the office door to find out where we will be working tomorrow.

I now have two different types of days to cope with as far as scheduling is concerned.

Class Days begin at 8am. I don't eat breakfast on class days to get a few extra minutes of sleep. Class goes until about 11am when we get a break for a half an hour. Then we finish up class at 12:45 or 1pm. That's the whole day. It seems short, but the class works non-stop. I'm in the advanced class or כיתה ב. We've been spending a lot of time on verbs. Its mostly review for me, but its nice to have the review. I'm not the most advanced in the class right now, but the guy who is (Uri) and I are always grouped together for difficult exercises. I've been attempting to read the Ulpanist newspaper and a few books written for ulpan students. Its difficult, but also rewarding.

On my work days I begin at 7:30am with a light breakfast. Then its off to whatever my work is for the day. That can vary with each passing day. The past few days I've been working in the kitchen, preparing the food for the dining hall. However, I've also worked in the olive groves and will probably have other work later. The lunch break is determined by what your work is and so is the ending time. The kitchen generally lets me go around 2:30 or 3pm.

As for other things to do on the kibbutz, this place is nothing like Ein Hashofet. There is no order to when and where we are allowed to be. The sports fields are always open. There are two pubs here and one is always open. There's even a bus station on the kibbutz which takes us to Beer Sheva for 10 NIS (New Israeli Shekel.) All in all this is a pretty nice place to spend a handful of months.

Post again soon....


Phyllis Sommer said...

imho, i think you should skip the 10 minutes of sleep and eat breakfast before ulpan. ayn kemach, ayn torah.

sounds like a fun place and i think you'll get a good picture of the (generally) relatively disorganized state of life in Israel by being on this kibbutz:-) i loved the pics of your factory, btw.

John Sklar said...

Sounds a little like camp with a pub.

Get up early and eat breakfast. It is way easier to learn with a little brain fuel.

Pictures, I need pictures. Don't wait until you are ready to leave.