Monday, November 19, 2007


So after about a month of absolutely perfect weather here at Ein Hashofet (עין השופט) something truly amazing happened. Not only did it rain in buckets Hailed...a lot...huge pieces. I looked out the window at work and saw it start. I turned to my Israeli co-worker and asked him how to say hail in Hebrew(ברד.) It took him a few moments to process because he'd not seen hail in so long. Turns out its an incredibly rare thing to happen around here. I snapped some photos as soon as I got home from work. Most of the guys from South America were stunned. One of the Brazilian guys joked: "We not have in Brazil...our country is very poor, can't afford like the US."

Anyway check out the photos...


Anonymous said...

oh yea...i forgot to tell you to watch out for that. it hailed while i was there in march...and the Uruguayan kid on my trip FREAKED out.

it was awesome all around.

Phyllis Sommer said...

Yes, "barad" like in the list of plagues!!! Wow that is so cool, can't wait to look at the pics. We r in Florida so I'm not sure I can see them yet... Love ur updates!!!