Thursday, January 10, 2008


So today I went to Be'er Sheva on the 3pm bus from Revivm. Normally taking this bus is a happy occasion as I'm getting off the Kibbutz for a nice change of pace. For some reason its nice to walk around a city once and awhile. Today I went for a different reason. My phone broke about a week ago and I had to go back to Be'er Sheva to retrieve it from the store. Don't worry about the phone as the problem was apparently fairly minor to fix. Since it was my problem and no one really had business in Be'er Sheva I happened to go alone this time.

On the bus today was a group of my Israeli friends who are members of this Kibbutz's Nahal Garin. A Garin is a group of Israeli's not from a Kibbutz who agree to live on a Kibbutz and do a whole mess of other programing. After their army service they are eligible for full Kibbutz membership, something not generally available to the general public of Israel. Anyway, the Garin members get one weekend off a month and it generally starts on Thursday and goes till Sunday. They all tend to go back to their parents houses wherever they may be.

Seeing all of them happy and excited to go home and see their parents reminded me of just how far away from home I am. Its funny to think about how long I've been here. At this point I've been here for over 80 days. (83.5 to be exact.) I know that I was away from home for the last 4.5 years, but its different being in Minneapolis than it is being in Israel. Having no family here is difficult even with so many friends here. Friends are great, but family is priceless. So this weekend I'm going to Tel-Aviv to see my brother...I know he's not my real brother, but Brett is probably the closest thing I have to family here in Israel. There's no firm plans, but I do know that it will be nice to see him.

I know I haven't been the best at communicating with family and friends this past two and a half months, but I'm going to try and change that. However, with that said I'd really like to here from my loyal readers, especially the family. Anything would be great...emails...comments on the blogs...and phone calls. I love all of you guys and want to thank you greatly for all the support you've sent my way. I'm just having having a tough day today...

Tomorrow is another day.


Phyllis Sommer said...

hang in there...this too shall pass and we will be there to visit in about 30 days!!!! miss you and love you:-)
(your big sis)

Patrick said...


Your post makes me realize how lucky I am to be sitting with my family on vacation. You know that all of your friends know how much your time in Israel means to you in your journey through life. Though some of us may be more quiet than others, you're always in our thoughts.
Also, if I recall my brother's time in Germany, right around 90 days was the roughest time he had as far as homesickness goes.