Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Missing Jerusalem Post

Written on 2.14.08 (21:30)

So I've been i Jerusalem for about 24 hours now. I haven't really seen or done much except to learn more about HUC.

Last night HUC held a fundraiser to raise money for an interesting and worthy cause. Every year the IMPJ hosts a bike ride through Israel to raise money and awareness for Progressive Judaism in Israel. This year the ride is from Tel-Aviv to Eilat or roughtly 4 days. Each rider must raise at least $800 to ride. HUC is sending 10 riders and hosted a casino night to reaise part of their funding. I didn't win anything or even bid on any of the silent auction items. (Though 3 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese for ₪150 sounded awfully tasty.) I spent the night schmoozing with my would be classmates. Its interesting to think of how close I came to missing this Israel experience and trading it for a straight to HUC one. I honestly can't imagine that scenarion having been half as interesting. My Israel Adventure has offered me the experience of a lifetime.

On a different note, I began my HUC process today. I met with all of the administration and began to set my plans in motion. I'm looking forward to acing the Hebrew test!

So phyllis and Mom are still not here, Snow in Chicago didn't slow them down, something in London did. (I hear it was British Airwayws itself!) So hopefully they'll land at David Ben-Gurion Airport around midnight tonight. I'll spend one more night in the HUC president's apartment. A gorgeous place, but I'd rather have Phyl and Mom here now. I'll call there phones around 00:30 and hope for the best!

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