Sunday, March 9, 2008

How do you explain...

In America, we are concerned with security. Since 9/11 we've become more concerned with it. We established a new bureaucratic organism to deal with our 'Homeland Security,' whatever that actually means. However, all of our security efforts there cannot even come close to what exists here in Israel. The security situation is difficult to fathom as an American. Our lives seem so much easier. We don't have to walk through a metal detector or be patted down when entering a Mall, bus station, restaurant, or any other crowded place.

Last Thursday there was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. The Mirkaz HaRav Yeshiva was shot at by a lone gunman. Eight Yeshiva students won't be studying anymore. They were gunned down while studying the holy books. Israel is such a small country and rarely does one here not have some connection to a terrorist attack. A kid in my class has a brother who studies at Mirkaz HaRav. The only reason he wasn't studying on Thursday night is because he was at the supermarket. My heart is crying for the dead and the families. Its hard to express how sad I actually feel about such sensless violence.

Its hard to explain that this country is a safe place to live, work, and travel. If terrorism stops people from coming here, they they have won. I know that sounds a lot like something that our ilustrious preident would say, but in this case it is true. Israel needs every bit of support that it can get right now. Obviously visiting here is the best support you can give, but there are plenty of other ways. Being informed about the situation is another way. I would highly suggest "A Case for Israel" and "A Case for Peace" as two must read books on the Israeli conflict. They're both by Alan Dershowitz. I would also suggest "Warrior" which is Ariel Sharon's autobiography. Another good book is "The Missing Peace," by Dennis Ross. These books are just a good jumping off point. Each offers a unique perspective and set of information about Israel and the conflict.

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Sharon said...

It is a very difficult time for Israel. What can one say, but pray for peace.

Love, Mom